We Manufacture
Polymer Additives
Industrial Polymer Sdn Bhd (IP) produces environmentally friendly
Polymer Additives such as Stabilizers, Lubricants, Waxes and Speciality
Addtives for PVC and other Polymer Applications.

Our R&D Facilities
  Torque Rheometer
  Two Roll Mill
  Lab Scale High Speed Mixer
  Tensile and Elongation Tester
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Key Products & Applications

PVC Additives

          Environmentally Friendly Stabilizer
  • Liquid Tin Stabilizer
  • Complex Tin Stabilizer
  • Calcium/Zinc Stabilizer
  • Organic Based Stabilizer 

          PVC Impact Modifiers
  • Acrylic Impact Modifier
  • CPE Impact Modifier
  • Acrylic/CPE Copolymer
  • MBS Impact Modifier
           PVC Processing Aids
  • General Purpose Acrylic Processing Aid
  • High Molecular Weight Acrylic Processing Aid
  • Lubricating Processing Aid
           Speciality Additives
  • HDT Additives
  • Antistatic Additives
  • Matting Agents

          Internal Lubricants
  • Ester Based
  • Fatty Acid Derivatives

          External Lubricants
  • Polyethylene Based
  • Paraffin Based
  • Fatty Acid Derivatives
  • Complex Lubricants